Arthur Régis Carmo

After getting my bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and some years working in the field I decided to leave Brazil to pursue a higher degree in education. Also, the frustration with the design industry in my hometown influenced my decision to aim higher and try some different airs around the globe.

Back in 2015, I went to San Diego and studied Strategic Design at the New School of Architecture & Design. I spent the whole summer in California and it was enough to make up my mind: I wanted to have a Master's degree. That led me to NYC in 2016, where I'm currently enrolled in the Communications Design program.

I always loved to experiment new things and new ideas. And that reflects in my work. As a Brazilian: joyful and enthusiastic, I always bring a lot of energy and colors to my work. It is a mix of Typography, Lettering, and 3D. But I'm always looking to the next challenge that will drive my creativity to the next level.